HIMOINSA Diesel Generator Sets | Rental Range in Sydney

HIMOINSA diesel generator sets for the rental sector combine the robustness and versatility that rental companies in Sydney need. Its equipment is designed for use in applications of all kinds: from generator sets for construction, for the mining sector or the oil sector, to diesel generators for concerts and large events, such as the football World Cup, Formula 1 or even the Olympic Games, which require gigawatts of power on demand for limited periods.

The unique feature of the rental sector in Sydney is that the equipment may be used in a range of applications; such as events, Oil & Gas, construction, mining, IPP, water treatment. Also as temporary stand-by power for shops, hospitals or hotels. The HR rental range combines the solutions to all the needs of each of these applications in a single product. 

Generator sets which can WITHSTAND extreme working conditions; machines which WORK NON-STOP minimising running and maintenance costs; EASY TO MANAGE gensets that are simple to operate. In short, COMPACT and DURABLE gensets which will guarantee a PROFITABLE investment.

Rental Range - Diesel Series

Powered by YANMAR. 20 - 50 kVA

Powered by SCANIA. 250 - 735 kVA

Powered by FPT IVECO. 30 - 489 kVA

Powered by MTU. 278 - 692 kVA

The new generation of HIMOINSA diesel generator sets is ready for rental in all these operating conditions in Sydney. Above all, these generator sets are easy to use and to transport from one side of the world to the other, with wide doors providing internal access for maintenance, and with minimal running and maintenance costs. In short, equipment that is as profitable and robust as it is versatile.

RENTAL Soundproofed Generator Sets

1. Soundproofed canopy

2. CEM7 controller

3. Lifting eye

4. Exhaust

5. Forklift rails

6. Connections for external fuel tank

7. Movement skid integrated into the chassis

8. Distribution boxes


Simple to transport, thanks to the unique lifting points and forklift rails, avoiding bending and displacement of components during lifting. CSC approval for maritime transport.


WEATHER RESISTANCE. Designed to deal with rain, ice, snow and high temperatures. Results which have been obtained without sacrificing acoustic performance or the ventilation and cooling ability of the engine which is guaranteed up to 55ºC (derating applicable).


Equipment designed with a user interface that is simple, user-friendly, intuitive and effective. HIMOINSA designs and manufactures electronic systems; the CEMx and Mx controllers, can communicate with the new Stage 3A engine protocols and interpret and handle complex safety algorithms, simplifying them so that they can be understood by any operator. 

Diesel generator rental companies in Sydney need equipment that's ready to cope with long, uninterrupted days of operation in construction, or to work perfectly despite the extreme conditions in which oil is extracted.

As they are easy to transport, the diesel generators can supply power to mines in Peru one day, and be in Amsterdam for a concert the next. That is why large rental companies beyond Sydney need equipment that can run at 60Hz in Panama or at 50Hz in the United Arab Emirates, and which also conforms to European Stage 3A emissions legislation. 

Technical Details

1. Emergency stop.

2. Fuel filter with decanting separator.

3. Oil extraction pump.

4. Permanent magnet alternator. 

5. Handhole for chassis cleaning.

6. External filling of the fuel tank with safety key.

7. Lifting eye.

8. Battery disconnetor.

9. Handhole for cleaning and draining the fuel tank.

10. Preinstallation to house the quick connection plugs for fuel transfer.

11. Three-way valve kit and quick connection plugs for fuel transfer.

12. Exhaust outlet guard.


The range includes diesel generator sets that use Stage IIIA engines from Yanmar, FPT and Scania. They cover a power range between 20 and 550 kVA and guarantee noise levels of around 60 dB at 7 meters


The HIMOINSA HRTW 1300 dual diesel frequency generator set is built into a 20 ft container, with 1039kw capacity and dual 50Hz and 60Hz frequency.

Rental Range
Generator sets: LPG
Powered by FORD
Prime 26 - 97 kVA
Standby 29 - 89 kVA
50 Hz 1.500 rpm Prime kVA
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60 Hz 1.800 rpm Prime kVA
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Rental Range
Generator sets: LPG
Powered by PSI
Prime 109 - 109 kVA
Standby 121 - 121 kVA
50 Hz 1.500 rpm Prime kVA
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