Generator Sets for Events

It took almost 30GW of energy to run the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. We're talking about the world's largest sporting event, and the fact is that the electrical infrastructure that can supply power for two weeks to a one-off event of this nature just does not exist. That is why generator sets are the event industry's number one ally.

No matter whether it's a Formula 1 World Championship race or a local concert, gensets have to be able to provide continuous, reliable and indeed silent power. That is why the HIMOINSA generator sets have been soundproofed with high-density rock wool to ensure minimum noise levels that interfere as little as possible with the event that is being held, whether it is a trade fair, a recital or a circus show. 

The HIMOINSA “Silent Plus” range of state-of-the-art generator sets are specially designed to cope with the increasingly pressing demand for generator sets for events held in urban areas and major cities. The level of noise they emit remains at a steady 60dB (A) at a distance of seven meters.

Noise and thermic insulation is ensured by 144kg/m3 high-density 50mm thick volcanic rock wool, which is noncorrosive to metals.

ISO 9001:2008 HIMOINSA complies with the international quality standards requirements.

Four HIMOINSA generator sets are supplying 5.2MVA of power for IMAGINE show in Dubai Festival City. A spectacle rivalling any show in the world.

All HIMOINSA generator sets are designed to take into account the fact that most of these events are held in the open air. The generator sets are exposed to the rain, to temperatures that can be extremely high or extremely low, which means that their interior has to be as insulated as possible against the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

Have you ever wondered what a power cut might entail as far as the safety of the artists or indeed the spectators at a Cirque du Soleil performance was concerned? The reliability of the installation is particularly important and

that is why the complex nature of certain shows makes it essential to have units able to respond to continuous load variations. “IMAGINE”, the star spectacle of the Dubai Festival City is a good example of just that. Every night, HIMOINSA supplies more than 4MW of power for this show that involves light, fire and laser projected on a huge wall of water - the biggest in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.