There's no question that lighting towers are what's required when natural light is scarce. Major sporting events in Abu Dhabi, high-speed rail construction works in Spain and several of the world's largest coal mines in Mongolia, in the Southern Gobi Desert, are just some of the settings in which the HIMOINSA lighting towers have been put to work. 

Lighting Towers Series

Fitted with Yanmar engines, some of the lighting tower models in the APOLO range provide a light output of up to 1,320,000 lumens, can illuminate up to 110,000 square metres and can work for 166 hours non-stop, or 17 nights without refuelling. The carefully researched design incorporates LED versions that guarantee energy savings. Their small size makes transport economical, cutting costs.

As a vertical manufacturer, HIMOINSA can produce versatile and intuitive controllers that simplify the use and control of the diesel generators and provide added value, making it easier to adapt to specific customer requirements and ensuring all spare parts are easily available. 

HIMOINSA has included the new M7T controller as standard for all lighting towers in its APOLO range. The new controller improves the user experience in a number of ways: lights on/off in sequence to avoid overloading the generator set; independent outputs to control the lamps switching on and off; and a hot restart protection system, which accounts for the necessary cooling time to avoid overexcitation of the alternator and to protect the equipment.

Major construction projects around the world have always required lighting towers. Some of the work to widen the Panama Canal, the largest engineering project of the 21st century so far, has been carried out at night with HIMOINSA lighting towers. A project of this scale, which will see 600 million tonnes of goods carried per year, can only be achieved with artificial light.

Lighting Towers

Series Power          
Apolo Start 2,80-2,80 kVA         View models
Apolo Compact 4,50-6,40 kVA         View models
Apolo Box 6,40-6,40 kVA         View models