Generators for Agriculture

Ensuring the well-being of your livestock and crops

Australian agriculture has won a reputable place on the local and international markets. About two thirds of Australia's land is dedicated to agriculture and the use of labor-saving machinery plays an important role in making Australian farmers so prosperous. 

Nowadays, farms are heavily automated and more power is required to carry on with the daily work.  Because power continuity is no longer an option, the importance of a reliable backup source of energy is critical for the quality and well-being of crops and livestock. Due to the high number of external factors causing power outages, investing in a reliable backup power solution guarantees the survival of your farm, crops or greenhouse and zero losses for your business. 

Electrical power is a necessity in modern agriculture, as every stage of the supply chain rely heavily on electricity supply. From water consumption and fertilizer production to farm equipment, processing, packaging and transportation of the final product.

Generators for Livestock Farms

Power continuity is no longer an option in today's livestock farming business. Electricity failures can be the cause of mechanical failures in your farm equipment, potentially putting the farm and its products in jeopardy. HIMOINSA generators ensure that your livestock ventilation systems never stop working, as animals can easily suffocate within minutes without proper flow of fresh air. Loss of heating and cooling can also put the animals' health at risk.

Dairy farms rely heavily in back up power specially at certain times of the day when cows need to be milked. Computers keep track of cow's location and milking timetables. When not milked in schedule, cows can become ill, failing to deliver good quality milk and dairy products, creating economic losses for the farmer. 

Major economic losses can result from varied factors such as lightning or even animals chewing through cables that can affect the following:
  1. Loss of water from pump failure
  2. Problems with failure of electric fences
  3. Automatic ventilation fails and animals can die due to lack of oxygen
  4. Mechanical feeders inoperable during power failure causing inability to feed the animals

HIMOINSA stand-by diesel generators ensure that the feeding, cleaning, inspection and harvesting processes run smoothly and without interruption. We offer generators for farming and agriculture that provide a reliable source of electricity and a bright future for Australian farmers.

Our Solution for Australian Farmers

The majority of farms in Australia need a backup generator ranging between 1 kVA to 750 kVA to ensure smooth operation of the facilities.