HIMOINSA expands its series of generator sets with FPT engines up to 600kVA

The four new generators have 17% lower specific consumption than other generators with the same power range, and a service interval that is 200 hours longer.

HIMOINSA is adding four new 600kVA models that can operate in any market to its series of generator sets with FPT engines. These new units offer significant competitive advantages over other generators of equal power, primarily in terms of fuel consumption and service intervals.

For the 50Hz market, the HFW-600 T5 and its rental version, the HRFW-600 T5, supply 600kVA in PRP and 659kVA in stand-by. For 60Hz markets, the series includes the HFW-550 T6 and HRFW-550 T6 models, with power of 625kVA in PRP and 690kVA in stand-by. 

The four models incorporate the new CR16TE1W engine from FPT. Their specific consumption is 191g/kWh, i.e. 115l/h at 100% power, up to 17% lower than other generator sets of similar power. 

Another attractive feature, which is especially important for machinery rental companies, are their service intervals, which are up to 200 hours longer than other generators. In addition, with an oil tank of just 32 litres, they can operate continuously for 600 hours without needing an oil change. 

Their engine is more compact and allows for a smaller canopy to be used, which is easier to transport, thus fulfilling another requirement of the rental sector. 

With this addition, HIMOINSA's HFW series now ranges from 30kVA to 600kVA. Following an update of FPT's C13TE7 engine, the company recently changed the name of the HFW-490 T5 and of the HRFW-490 T5. Both generators now offer increased power of 501kVA in PRP, instead of 489kVA. From now on they'll be called HFW-500 and HRFW-500, respectively.