HIMOINSA takes part in Building Electric Annual Forum in China

HIMOINSA will continue to provide the best quality products to construction sector, such as commercial building ,commercial complex and residential, wherever the power is needed.

The Building Electricity Annual Forum is a recurring event in Southwest China that links industrial experts and electrical engineering professionals to communicate and explore technical innovations to strengthen the competitive advantages of the southwest region. HIMOINSA takes part in the event and shares our experience and solutions catering for the growing power demand.

The southwest region includes the municipality of Chongqing, the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou and Tibet. Compared to eastern and southern coastal regions, southwest is less prosperous but with great potential, and has achieved significant growth especially in construction and transportation sectors.

HIMOINSA has contributed our experience towards the development of the region and completed many projects such as the main arteries connecting China to Southeast Asia - Xiaomo expressway with more than 30 units of HIMOINSA diesel generator sets installed. Some of the projects extend across high altitude areas with extreme low temperature, our gensets withstand extreme weather and working conditions and have formed a power network for remote areas.

During the forum, HIMOINSA expert also introduced the Silent Plus units designed with weather proof canopy that perfect to use in urban areas, to guarantee minimum noise emissions with optimized design of air intakes and outputs, the addition of a dual core exhaust system and top-quality insulating materials.

It has been more than 10 years since HIMOINSA entered China market, packed with a professional engineer team and manufacturing plant in China, we will continue to provide the most reliable backup power and continuous power solution, offer market the best quality power generator sets.