The 3rd HIMOINSA Asia Pacific Sales Convention

Together with 93 participants, we've had a fun work and leisure week at the 3rd HIMOINSA Asia Pacific Sales Convention in Japan, not only impressed by the unique Japanese culture, but also inspired by the sustainable development and Kaizen principle from Yanmar HQ and engine plants visit.

The 3rd HIMOINSA Asia Pacific Sales Convention has successfully taken place from 8 to 13 April, in the most beautiful Kansai Region in Japan, where Yanmar headquarters locates.

HIMOINSA has been part of Yanmar group since 2015. Together, we strive world-class standards in delivering high quality products, reliable solutions and excellent services to achieve sustainable success. With the support of Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd. (YES), this time, we've planned a fun work and leisure week for HIMOINSA Asia Pacific distributors.


With combined knowledge, shared experience, regional diversity and mutual support, we cultivate our people and partners to embrace continuous learning, improvement, and always perform to the best of their abilities in working towards win-win solutions.

Mr Francisco Gracia, Executive Director of HIMOINSA, introduced HIMOINSA global strategy, ‘APAC region will witness the highest growth of the world', he said.

Mr Jun Takashima, Executive Director of HIMOINSA, introduced Yanmar history, operation and the optimal solutions in the food and energy fields.

Mr Jimmy Onishi, Division Manager, Overseas Promotion Division, YES, explained further on YES products and recent expansion.

Mr Marco Perillo,  APAC region head, analyzed individual market and addressed the ‘8P' (Place, People, Product, Price, Promotion, Passion, Perseverance and Partnership) strategy to increase HIMOINSA market share.

Mr Panchanok Temiyasen,  Executive Director of our distributor Gateway Intertrade in Thailand, shared the integrated marketing strategy to HIMOINSA one of the preferred generator sets brands in Thailand.

Mr Agustin Rodrigo, Network Development Manager, introduced ‘RED' system as part of our global strategy, where latest product datasheet, price list, marketing materials are shared and accessed by distributors.


Visiting Yanmar HQ – the Flying Y building is a true insightful experience to learn Yanmar's effort for realization of the maximum prosperity by using the minimum resources. Packed with next-generation and leading-edge technologies, the building evokes Yanmar's three activity domains: the land, the sea and urban areas. Yanmar HQ makes full use of its energy-saving power products, with a wide array of eco-friendly technologies, to efficiently contribute towards a sustainable future.



Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy of the unrelenting pursuit for improvements, 5S aims to significantly improve order and cleanliness, while the 3T method pursues efficient and precise production that reduces loss. The Biwa and Amagasaki engine plant visits are really inspiring and we are impressed by the world class standard and fully integration of the Kaizen and 5S3T.


Biwa plant is Yanmar's industrial engine production base, it leverages energy efficient to meet the stringent global emissions regulations, and employs leading innovative automation system to deliver added versatility, enabling high-mix low-volume production, maximizing productivity from parts machining all the way to delivery.


Amagasaki plant is the manufacturing center focusing on large scale auxiliary engines, diesel engines and gas turbine production. With advanced engineering technology, high precision and integrated production, the plant delivers cutting edge products such as Dual Fuel (DF) engine and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.

Rigorous quality assurance has been implemented for both plants throughout the whole production process, from machining, assembling, outfitting, testing, all the way to shipping, meanwhile, the tractability systems are designed to ensure the incomparable standards.

award ceremony

The Award Ceremony provides us an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements and successes of distributors. 

Top Performance - Generator Power (Australia)

Excellent Performance: Gateway Intertrade (Thailand)

Excellent Performance: Prime Power (Philippines)

Excellent Performance: PT Bach (Indonesia)

Fastest Growth: Yeh Huei Enterprise (Taiwan)

Fastest Growth: Chengdu Zhongsai (China)

work & leisure week

Cherry blossom holds a special position in Japanese culture and we are so glad to be in Japan at the best time of the year, to appreciate the beauty while the cherry blossom blankets the country in soft, colorful splendor. We are in awe of the Akashi Canal Bridge and Kobe city night view from the night cruise. Experiencing the sake brewing history has also been a unique experience for us. On the last day, the team visited Kyoto for its priceless temples and shrines through the culture and history.