Reliable Backup Power for China's Xiaomo Highway

More than 30 units of HIMOINSA diesel generator sets are installed along the Xiaomo Highway, one of the main main arteries connecting China to Southeast Asia

HIMOINSA has been awarded another milestone project, to provide backup power solutions and install 31 diesel-powered generator sets for the Xiaomo Highway in Yunnan Province in China.

The generator sets range from 100 to 1030kVA, and have been installed along the highway, applied in strategic locations such as communication centers, toll stations, service centers, car parks and tunnels to provide backup power for uninterrupted telecommunication, monitoring, lighting and security applications.  

Xiaomo Highway extends across high altitude areas with extreme low temperature, where the areas are frequently affected by power outage, these gensets are prepared to operate as a continuous source of power, have also formed a solid emergency power network for the surrounding residential and commercial areas.

185km long, Xiaomo Highway is the final part of both Kunming - Mohan Expressway and Kunming – Bangkok Expressway, strategically connects China with Myanmar and Thailand, plays an important role to stimulate communication and international trading between China and Southeast Asia.

The outstanding accomplishments HIMOINSA achieved in China's transportation and infrastructure sector significantly enhanced the branding recognition in the country. 

In Southwest China, HIMOINSA has cooperated with local distributor Chengdu Transcend Power Technology for nearly 10 years. Together, we break through technical difficulties and after 27 months of site study, engineering design, installation and site commissioning, our generator sets are working seamlessly along the Xiaomo Highway to provide the most reliable backup power.

Fast Response
The generator sets designed for Xiaomo Highway are packed with high-power water heating system to maintain the hot standby mode. In case of any grid outage, the generator sets are able to start up with 100% load within a few seconds to secure uninterrupted power supply.

Customized solution
HIMOINSA offers extra value to the road infrastructure though advanced engineering design, the generator sets are configured at an optimized mode (either continuous or island mode) to operate flawlessly to whenever necessary.