HIMOINSA has joined the biggest Construction Expo in Cambodia

HIMOINSA has joined Cambodia International Construction Industry Expo, introducing our comprehensive range of generator sets and lighting towers, sharing our expertise in construction sector.

After the Cambuild exhibition in September, HIMOINSA and our distributor RMA Cambodia (Comin Khmere) have joined another grand event in the region - Cambodia International Construction Industry Expo in Phnon Penh, from 29 November to 1 December 2018.

As the biggest construction exhibition in Cambodia, this event created a great opportunity for construction related industries to showcase their latest products, technologies and innovations, to share knowledge and experience with numerous construction companies, project owners and real estate investors.


With rapid development of the country and increasing number of tourists, Cambodia has seen a construction boom, Siem Reap in particular surrounding tourist hotspots. Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia has also witnessed a growth in the real estate sector. As the economy grows, construction of infrastructures in terms of roads, bridges, accommodations are where the generator sets are applied and where we can share our years of expertise and experience.

Based on the special condition of use on construction sites, the generator sets powered by HIMOINSA are packed with durable, robust and compact features include Stage 3A engines that are able to work under heavy rain, humid conditions, snow and intense heat, withstand extreme working and weather conditions, working non-stop, minimizing the running time, optimizing maintenance costs, ensuring great return on investment.  Mobility is another indispensable feature when using on construction sites, when designing the generator sets, we integrated movement skids, lifting hooks and forklift rails for ease of movement around the sites. 

During exhibition, a HIMOINSA HYW-45 T5 generator set powered by YANMAR engine have been displayed, and we are excited to share every detailed engineering design to the visitors!

If construction work is undertaking during the night, our lighting towers – Apolo series offers you extended autonomy. With a lighting capacity of up to 1,320,000 Lumens, our lighting towers can light up an area of 110,000 SQM and have 166 hours autonomy, which equivalent of 17 nights without being refueled. 

In the coming new year, HIMOINSA will continue to provide the best quality products to Cambodia, not only in construction sector, but also in agriculture, commercial, military, residential, wherever the power is needed, we've got you covered!