HIMOINSA has showed combined strength during IIEE exhibition in Philippines

HIMOINSA participated in 43rd National Convention of IIEE in Philippines, sharing our experience towards the sustainable development and world's leading engineering design of power generator sets.

The 43rd National Convention of IIEE (Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers) Philippines has taken place from 14 to 17 Nov 2018, at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, themed ‘Embracing Global Challenges through Sustainable Energy Practices' with various activities focusing on the latest development and key challenges to address the sustainable practices and preservation of the resources.

Together with distributor Prime Power Energie System, Inc., once again, HIMOINSA participated in this annual engineering festival, sharing our years of experience towards the sustainable development and world's leading engineering design of power generator sets, attracted thousands of visitors, engineers, consultants, and industrial professionals.

Visitors were interested to watch the live demonstration of the two popular HIMOINSA industrial generator sets, HFW185 powered by FPT engine and HYA35 powered by YANMAR engine. Questions were raised and we were more than happy to share our know how with visitors.

It is estimated that the power demand in the industrial sector will reach 201,847 MW by 2020, 70% of which are powered by generator sets. HIMOINSA industrial range generator sets are designed to ensure the highest performance in any application, to supply reliable and interrupted power for peak shavings or emergency usage.

"We combine the best of Europe and Japan!"

Mr Marco Perillo, HIMOINSA APAC Region Head said during the  #Leadtalk interview in the convention.

"Our focus is on high quality product...In the latest year, HIMOINSA is growing a lot, especially in APAC". APAC is the 3rd largest market for HIMOINSA, contributing more than 20% of revenue to the whole group.

HIMOINSA is part of YANMAR group since 2015. With combined intelligence and resources, HIMOINSA always adopt state of the art technology from Europe, optimized engineering design and user friendly features from Japan, focusing on R&D, innovation and sustainable development, designing generator sets that withstand the test of time, catering for growing market needs.

HIMOINSA has been working with Prime Power since 2012. 

Prime Power, formed by a group of well-seasoned engineers, with over 60 years of combined experience, has collaborated their engineering and technical expertise, interest, and inspiration, to create innovation and value-added solutions to energy and power needs of building and projects.

Great customer service has been in both company's DNA. Our teams are inspired, dedicated, and client-centered to deliver commitments within competitive propositions of the highest quality, within the time and safety objectives and expectations. With the current global trust in environment preservation and green-initiated projects, HIMOINSA and Prime Power aimed to provide best quality products and innovative engineering solution, moving toward a sustainable development.