1700kVA of Back-up Power for Gosford Hospital

2 x HIMOINSA HTW-780 T5 diesel generators powered by Mitsubishi engine with remote radiators were designed to provide reliable emergency power supply to Gosford Hospital.

Gosford Hospital is a 484-bed state owned public hospital in the city of Gosford – a NSW suburb located in the heart of the Central Coast Region, Australia. With the third busiest emergency department in NSW, the $384 million dollar hospital redevelopment plan called for the supply of highest quality and most reliable standby power system, to ensure seamless hospital operation in the event of grid power supply failure.

During the past years, we saw tragedies happen almost every year due to power failures.  July 2016, a power cut in the state-run 1,200-bed premier medical facility – Gandhi Hospital in India lasted for more than 5 hours, it severely affected its emergency services, which resulted in death of 21 patients.  June 2017, 20 patients including 8 children allegedly died and many others had a harrowing experience when Kurnool Government General Hospital in India plunged into darkness for 12 hours after power supply snapped. And Feb 2018 in Australia, two operations were disrupted when a software failure left part of the Royal Adelaide Hospital without power for up to 20 minutes. When lives are in danger, the well-being of patients cannot be assured even for just a few minutes of power outage. Hence, reliable emergency power supply is extremely important for hospital operation.

In conjunction with our official distributor Generator Power in Australia, we at HIMOINSA customized a backup power solution according to the high expectations and requirements of Gosford Hospital, contributing our part in public medical safety where quality and prompt service matter the most.

Two HIMOINSA HTW-780 T5 diesel generators powered by Mitsubishi engines customized with remote radiators, motorized circuit breakers and paralleling controllers with load dependent start/stop feature were designed for Gosford Hospital redevelopment project.

Given the sensitive nature of hospitals, site surveys, requirement studies, system evaluations were carried out to ensure the best backup power solution. During the site survey, engineers discovered the limited space in the plant room. To resolve the issue, optimized installation were designed to place the remote radiators one level up above the generator plant room, connecting to the engines directly without the need for engine mounted heat exchangers which could cause system failure.

The system was also designed to eliminate the need for separate air ventilation fans, and to maximize clearances between air ventilation system and other mechanical and electrical plant on the project. Radiators were designed for 55°c air on temperature.

Hospitals and emergency units require generator sets that are well-nigh infallible, not to mention an emergency supply that ensures continuous power in the event of a grid failure. When stakes are high, a lot depends on our backup power: the surgical equipment, the ability to monitor patients, the automatic electronic medication dispensers, etc. In the event of a power cut, generator sets have to provide every guarantee to start up immediately and barely affects whatever is happening in surgeries, bench testing, and laboratories or on the hospital wards.

We at HIMOINSA are always committed to customers' satisfaction. With representation on both the east and west coast in Australia, with a well-trained engineering team, we are ready to deliver great professionalism, on-schedule testing and commissioning, to provide the most prompt service and best power generation product to Australian clients!