Stand-by Power for the Brisbane Food Distribution Center in Australia

For this project, our official distributor in Australia, Generator Power, supplied a 1,260 kVA HIMOINSA generator in a 20 ft. container, equipped with Mitsubishi engine and Stamford alternator.

With a population of 2.4M, Brisbane is the most populous city of Queensland. Known as the Capital of the Sunshine State it is also the third largest city in Australia.

Brisbane has a mild winter and very tropical summer. With high temperatures and a considerable amount of rainfall, it is no surprise that their food distribution center needed a reliable source of backup power to minimize risks in their business.

Food distribution centers are warehouses specialized in stocking food products that will later be distributed to retailers, wholesalers or consumers directly. These type of facilities are of key importance to provide local supermarkets, restaurants and stores with food supplies in perfect conditions.

To make sure that consumers find what they need when they go shopping for food at their usual local store, food distribution centres need to be provided with backup power generators to ensure food safety at all times.

 In the event of a power failure, refrigeration and air flow systems will go down, jeopardizing the shelf life of food products.

In these centers, ensuring power supply and that food is refrigerated 24/7 is of critical importance, as heat can make bacteria grow easily in the food, which could potentially result in food poisoning for the consumers.

For this project, our official distributor in Australia, Generator Power, supplied a 1,260 kVA HIMOINSA generator in a 20 ft. container.

The HTW-1260 T5 HIMOINSA diesel generator was customized to comply with the noise requirements and meet the specifications of the client, which included:

1. A bunded fuel tank to avoid any potential leakage. This feature prevents any possible leakage to go outside of the container, avoiding the filtration of fuel in the soil and protecting the environment.  

2. A stainless steel exhaust and muffler that allows to extend the life of the exhaust system and maintain its original aesthetics. Due to the high temperature it can reach and its exposure to the air's humidity outside the container, it is an area that could get rusty easily. 

3. Alternator thermistors for resistance temperature detection with a fast response time. In the event of overheating of the alternator's winding due to load type or level reasons, these sensors will activate an alarm in the controller that informs the user about the problem, avoiding a potential failure in the alternator.  

4. Battery charger with alarm outputs. The controller already includes an alarm for low battery level, with this input of load failure, the user can detect the problem before the batteries are empty, ensuring an effective start of the generator in the event of a mains failure.  

HIMOINSA uses new ISO sea-freight approved containers for all its soundproofed solutions which are manufactured and customized in our own facilities. This way we achieve a compact design adapted to each generator for which we use high quality materials and techniques. 

Our soundproofing material is made out of volcanic rock-wool which has high density and is fire resistant. 

We also use special painting processes that make our canopies and containers corrosion proof. 

Included on our engineering solutions are integrated exhaust silencers inside the container that make transport to final destination easier and more cost-effective.

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